To minimize the waste of paper, orchestra forms will be done online this year.  Please follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1

VIEW the pages found here: HERE and HERE


After reviewing the documents provided in Step 1, complete this form.




Note: The orchestra fee has been significantly reduced for 2020. This will cover your orchestra t-shirt and a few other expenses. If we can have socials and other events later in the year, we will consider charging a “per event” fee to help cover those expenses.

Pay your $20 orchestra fee.  This may be paid via check, money order, or through an online payment. Checks and money orders should made out to the “Plano West Orchestra Boosters” and mailed to the address at the end of this section.  Please be sure that the check is labeled with your student’s name and school ID number.

To pay online, you will make a payment through the Cheddar-Up button below.  If you pay with a credit card, Cheddar-Up will include a small convenience surcharge that is in addition to the payment you are making to the orchestra.

Pay with Cheddar Up

Check/Money Order Mailing Address: Plano West Orchestra Boosters, 5601 W. Parker Rd., Plano, TX  75024


If you would like to sign up your child for private lessons during the school day, click HERE. Private lessons are highly encouraged and they provide the extra guidance to help students truly excel. A majority of West’s orchestra students study privately, and it is a large part of why our orchestra program is so successful. If your child already has a teacher outside of the school day, you do not need to complete this step. You must complete this step even if you took lessons last school year.

Until we’re all live at school again, private lessons will be taught on an iPad or Chromebook. Students will still have their lessons during their class period, but it will be done virtually with their teacher.


NOTE: Most students completed this step in class on Friday, August 14. If you’ve already done this, you may skip Step 6.

Setup an account at  ALL students need to setup an account for 2020-2021, even current seniors. For a number of reasons, we have deleted all user accounts from last year and are starting fresh.  When you setup your account, you will need to wait for a teacher to approve your account creation.  Once we do that, you’ll receive an email to complete your account setup and set your password.

Once you successfully log in, please update your information and make all contact information as accurate as possible.  PLEASE BE SURE TO SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND COMPLETE THE “ADD RELATIONSHIPS” SECTION. Be sure to enter names and email addresses for all parents or guardians living in your household or who need to receive program update emails.

For a video tutorial on how to setup your account, CLICK HERE.


If you need a school instrument to use at home, email Mr. Ross at immediately. You will coordinate with him for a pickup time (ideally on Monday, August 17 during textbook pickup).  The payment of the district maintenance fee will be coordinated later.

When you email, please specific what instrument you need. If you play bass, indicate French or German bow. Tell Mr. Ross what time you’d like to meet for pickup.  You will meet him at the door to C-building that is near the blue marching band tower.