Monthly Archives: October 2018

Pre-Area Advancements

Congratulations to the following students advancing to the Pre-Area recording round this Saturday!

Violin:  Ashley T,  Andy Q, Samantha L, Iris L, Emily H, Daniel L, Meige L, Anqy T

Viola:  Yenna L-G, Eric Z, Johnathan S, Raghav S

Cello: Bryan H, Eddie X, Jett W, Abhinav G, Ethan T, Albert C, Vincent H

Bass: Kevin M, Jonathan V, Jackson B, Ishaan R, Caroline P

2019 TMEA String Honor Orchestra

The Plano West Chamber Orchestra is pleased to be named the state champion 2019 TMEA String Honor Orchestra!  This win marks our state-record 8th selection as a Texas honor orchestra.  The Chamber Orchestra will now have the opportunity to perform at the TMEA Convention in San Antonio in February 2019.

We are also extremely proud of our feeder high schools, Jasper and Shepton.  Both schools did well in the competition, and Jasper High School is the only non-varsity orchestra from the state to crack the finals.  The success we have at Plano West is absolutely rooted in the excellent music instructions our students receive at Jasper, Shepton, Rice, Robinson, Renner, Frankford, and our community of private music instructors.

2018 All-Region Results

Congratulations to the Plano West students who earned placement in the All-Region Orchestras today!  Students marked with an * have qualified for the All-State recording screening round on October 22.

Symphony Violin

Iris Lin (2*), Ashley Tauhert (4*), Samantha Liu (8*), Daniel Liang (10*), Anqy Tong (21*), Andy Qiao (22*), Meige Lu (32*), Sua Park (34*), Jimmy Ding (40*), Sanjana Shriram (41*), Emily Huong (43, first screening round alternate)

Philharmonic Violin

Kesavan Venkatesh (4), Kevin Fang (9), Harrison Wu (10), Jeff Weng (12), Katie Brown (13), Shirley Yu (21), Ayush Iyer (26), Shikhar Gupta (30), Edison Huong (36), Kimberly Tsao (37), Audrey Sun (38), Ting Mao (42), Christopher Wang (alternate)

String Violin

Shido Nakajima (1), Betel Berhame (alternate)

Symphony Viola

Raghav Sriram (5*), Grace Zhu (7*), Eric Zhang (13*), Andrew Yu (15*)

Symphony Philharmonic

Yenna Lee-Gannon (1*), Johnathan Shih (4*), Hanna Sung (8), Darren Huang (9*), Nicole Widjaja (13*), Samantha Tsai (14), Katherine Chen (Alternate)

String Viola

Thomas Minchew (8),

Symphony Cello

Ethan Tan (1*), Bryan Han (2*), Eddi Xu (3*), Jett Wang (6*), Shenai Chan (8*)

Philharmonic Cello

Abhinav Godavarthi (4*), Catherine Yang (9*), Albert Chen (12*), Vincent Huang (13*), Felicia Lien (14*), Kihan Sung (alternate)

Symphony Bass

Kevin Meng (1*), Jonathan Vasilyev (6*)

Philharmonic Bass

Jackson Benjamin (1*), Ishaan Roy (3*), Matthew Grover (5*), Caroline Peters (6*)

String Orchestra Bass

Anish Singh (alternate)