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Hotel Departure Info

Please carefully understand the “order of operations” for Sunday:

1) 7-8:30m: Packing, Breakfast, and Bag Drop in the lobby

2) At 7:00am, you can begin bringing your bags to the lobby for storage during the day. Everything needs to leave your hotel room. Chaperones will visit rooms beginning at 8:00 or so (or verify in some other manner), that you’re all moved out or making progress in that direction. Meds will be in the BREAKFAST AREA at 8:00 – 8:15, so you can get them when you drop your bags during that time.

3) Everything should be entirely out of your room no later than 9. You don’t need to do anything special with your keys. You can keep them as a souvenir if you wish.

4) At 9, head to EPCOT for the morning. If you want to leave earlier so you are first through the gate, that’s fine. Alternately, if you’d like to alter your park reservation using the Disney App, that is fine too — this will allow you to choose a different park to start at. To do this (assuming you loaded your ticket in to your app), go to “My Tickets and Passes”, select “Make Park Reservation,” and go from there. Note: you can only join digital queues at the park you hold a reservation at.

5) NO LATER THAN NOON, you should be in line at a bus station to return to the hotel. This means you should probably begin walking to the bus area about 11:30 or so. Be sure to use your meal card to get food before you leave the park, OR come back a little earlier and use it in the hotel food court.

6) We begin loading the bus at 12:45 (in the lobby) to head to the airport. Seriously – you cannot miss this and cause us to miss our flight or something.

7) Bonus: Did we lend your PWSH cello to PESH for their workshop? If so, it is in storage at the lobby. Ask someone in the lobby to get it back, and make sure you bring it to the airport! 1 of those people still hasn’t replied to my query about this on Remind. If that is you, please reply to me privately so I know our instruments are all accounted for.