2023-2024 Trip Info

Looking Ahead
The goal of this information sheet is to help you start planning ahead for next year’s orchestra trip. We realize that the trip is not cheap, but by providing advance notice, we hope to give more students the time needed to save and work. If you want to go on the trip, you will sign up next school year. Attendance on the trip is purely optional, but it is open to all students in orchestra.

Dates and Destination
We will most likely depart after school on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 and return in the evening on Sunday, April 21. Students will miss two days of school, but this is considered an approved absence and will not affect final exam exemption policies.

We will be spending three days at Disney and one day at Universal Studios. We will also be taking part in an amazing program that Disney offers — essentially, we will work with a Disney conductor to learn about the process orchestras follow when recording professional movie soundtracks. We will even record soundtrack sections for Disney films and receive a copy of our scenes!

Cost and Fundraising Options
The estimated cost for the trip is $2,000 – travel inflation costs are hitting us hard. If more people go on the trip than expected, the price may drop a bit. If less go than expected, the price may rise slightly since some of our fixed costs don’t change. The price will also change since we are not yet able to lock in our airfare pricing. We estimated on the high end for airfare costs, so if it comes back lower, there will be a price savings there as well.

Unfortunately, IRS regulations no longer allow the boosters to organize fundraisers for students to fundraise for their individual trip expenses. To that end, students will need to be creative to find their own individual fundraising options to help offset trip expenses.
We hope to have you along next year! Have a safe summer and see you then!