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2019-2020 Junior Officers

We’re happy to announce our junior officers for this school year. It was an incredible group of candidates, and the decision making process was very difficult.

If you weren’t selected: At the end of the school year, we typically select 2 additional officers to replace the slots left by the two new co-presidents. This gives us a chance to “make right” on any student who we mistakenly left out this first round. If you hope for one of these slots, we hope you’ll continue to lead and serve the orchestra by example.

In addition, please understand that this is a reflection more on the number of quality candidates we met and limited officer slots than the quality of the candidates. We interviewed 55 candidates and could have easily selected a quality officer group of nearly 50.

Officer results are in alpha order by first name.

Aashna Desai
Abeni Belay
Anjali Brown
Arman Deendar
Arnold Venter
Bethel Kim
Chloe Yang
Cindy Hu
Claire Charton
Elliot Chen
Emaan Noorzaie
Govardhan Poondi
Hemal Pathak
Inka Durcanksa
Joshua McDonald
Kareem Aly
Kelly Zhou
Krista McLeod
Mohena Gupta
Priscilla Lee
Rohan Thomas
Sasha Nepomnyashy
Wesley Geng
Wesly Chen
William Blake