Monthly Archives: November 2022

All-State Results

BRAVO and CONGRATULATIONS to the following All-State Orchestra musicians! This is a tremendous accomplishment and a wonderful reward for your hard work!

Violin: Steven Lu (Symphony 12), Sophia Wang (Symphony 26), Tarun Ramji (Symphony 29), Raghu Talla (Symphony 37), Jaeha Jung (Philharmonic 60), Lindsey Cho (81 Sinfonietta), Nina Huang (92 Sinfonietta)

Viola: Ashish Samson (Symphony 3), Ian Chen (Symphony 5), Nathan Wu (Symphony 7), Laura Tan (Symphony 14), Randy Guo (Philharmonic 21), Christopher Lee (Philharmonic 23)

Cello: Derek He (Symphony 12), Henry Zhang (Philharmonic 28)