Who We Are

The mission of the Plano West Orchestra is to create a culture where students develop a life-long appreciation for music and high standards of excellence in music performance. While fostering the growth of our student musicians, we will create better members of society by teaching the core values of leadership, character, and self-worth.

About the Plano West Orchestra Program

The Plano West Orchestra is proud to be recognized as one of the most accomplished orchestra programs in America. Plano West is a grade 11 and 12 campus in Plano, TX, a Dallas suburb. The orchestra program currently serves approximately 200 students in six orchestras. Since its inception, Plano West has been recognized as the Texas Honor Orchestra nine time, most recently in 2023. Nationally, it has twice been recognized as an invited orchestra at The Midwest Clinic and been named a National Winner in the Mark of Excellence National Orchestra Honors and The American Prize for Orchestral Performance.  The program as a whole routinely earns sweepstakes awards at the annual UIL competition.

Plano West is fed by Jasper and Shepton High Schools, which are in turn fed by Frankford, Renner, Robinson, and Rice Middle Schools.  West’s success is rooted in the excellent preparation its students receive at these feeder schools, many of which have earned significant accolades at both the high school and middle school levels.

Jo Wallace-Abbie was the first head director of Plano West, and it was under her leadership that it became an orchestra program known and respected across Texas.  After her retirement, Ryan Ross assumed his current position with the program.  And for many years, Associate Director Amy Gross has been a key player in helping the program grow and thrive.

Vertical Staff

Ryan Ross, Plano West Senior High Head Director
Amy Gross, Plano West Senior High Associate Director

Matt Moreno, Jasper High School Head Director
Brad Davis, Shepton High School Head Director
Vivian Chen, Jasper High School Associate Director

Mary Havenstrite, Robinson MS Head Director
JaNae Taylor, Renner MS Head Director
Emily de la Torre, Rice MS Head Director
Madison Pruden, Frankford MS Head Director
Eric Tannenbaum, Rice Associate Director
Christopher Sykora, Robinson MS Associate Director
Mariah Davila, Renner MS Associate Director
Matthew Frerck, Frankford MS Associate Director