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2021 All-Region Orchestra Results

Congratulations to the following students who have earned a place in the 2021 Region 25 All-Region Orchestras. Students with a * next to their name have advanced to the next round of the All-State process.



Sophia Wang * – 2, Tarun Ramji* – 3, Sua Bae* – 4, Lindsey Cho* – 5, Brian Jung* – 8, Raghu Talla* – 17, Julia Duan* – 19, Jessica Ding* – 26, Nathan Ma – 29, Sara Nakagawa – 30, Sarah Chen – 32, Alan Zhou – 33


Brian Zhou – 43, Noa Reddick – 44, Matthew Ogata – 50, Tegan Yao – 63, Luke Liu – 70, Manasvini Komandur – Alternate 3, Angelina Ehara – Alternate 4



Ian Chen* – 1, Christine Kim* – 2, Laura Tan* – 4, Ashish Samson* – 5, Christopher Lee* – 6


Charles Cheung – 23, Evan Wu – 24, Andrew Zhigalskiy – 32, Anele Saige – Alternate 1



Derek He* – 1, Eric Pan-Wang* – 3, Henry Zhang* – 4, Michael Cao* – 7, Jason Xu* – 14, Ian Wang* – 16


Leslie Looi – 21, Eric Shi – 26, Snaeha Shriram – 29



George Meredith* – 7, Aiyana Armstrong* – 9



Alena Zhang* – 2

2021-2022 Orchestra Auditions

This year, auditions will be conducted entirely through Google Classroom. Please join Audition Google Classroom using join code: GLTNNUX

Audition music and tutorial videos will post on March 1, and audition videos are due April 11. If you have any issues joining the Google Classroom, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Ross at [email protected]

All-State Results

Congratulations to the following Plano West All-State Musicians!

Violin: Katie Chang (2 Symphony), Jessica Ding (65 Philharmonic), Sua Bae (71 Phiharmonic), Priscilla Lee (101 Sinfonietta)

Viola: Arman Deendar (7 Symphony), Christine Kim (41 Sinfonietta)

Cello: Joscelynn Palen (19 Philharmonic), Matthew Lin (41 Sinfonietta)

Bass: Karthik Iyer (29 Sinfonietta)

Orchestra Check Writing Fundraiser


Dear Plano West Orchestra Families,

I hope that in this difficult time, your families are navigating the many challenges that the world is throwing at us. In so many ways, our lives have been turned upside down. But regardless of whether your child is attending school remotely or face to face, I know you have seen your child’s teachers adapt and rise to the occasion to continue providing an excellent education and meaningful experiences.

In support of our orchestra teachers, the Plano West Orchestra Boosters are establishing a check-writing fundraiser campaign. As you know, this year’s orchestra fee was reduced to only $20 – an amount that covers only the most basic supplies for orchestra. This amount does not provide room in the budget to purchase additional classroom supplies and gear.

Mr. Ross and Mrs. Gross have provided a wish list to the boosters, and we hope you can do your part to help fund it. They are hoping to have a permanent “recording studio” setup installed in the orchestra room. This project will require hanging four high quality microphones from the orchestra room’s ceiling and running these in to a recording device. This year, they hope to tie this in with the Zoom calls to provide the students at home with quality sound from the in class players. But long term, this will allow the orchestra to be quickly recorded in class. Immediately after recording, they will be able to play back the recording and evaluate it for areas to improve. Previous methods to do this were either extremely time consuming or yielding a low quality recording.

We understand that everyone may not be in a position to contribute. However, if you are, we ask that you consider making a gift to the Plano West Orchestra to help their teachers provide the best possible experience for our children. The Plano West Orchestra Boosters are a 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by tax law. When you donate, we will acknowledge your donation with a thank you letter and receipt to serve as a record of your gift. Many corporations also match donations made to 501(c)3 organizations, so be sure to check. If we need to complete any paperwork to help that along, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for your consideration! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. All contributions should be made out to “Plano West Orchestra Boosters” and may be mailed to the address below. Alternately, visit and donate through the CheddarUp link on the front page. Our goal is to fully fund the wish list by Friday, November 6, 2020.


Ritu Agrawal

PWSH Orchestra Boosters President

Mail Contributions To

Plano West Orchestra Boosters

c/o Treasurer Yan Cao

5601 W. Parker Road

Plano, TX 75093

All-Region Results

Congratulations to the following students who have earned a place in the 2020 Region 25 All-Region Orchestras. Students with a * next to their name have advanced to the next round of the All-State process.


3. Sua Bae*, 6. Katie Chang*, 11. Jessica Ding*, 14. Jessica Shin*, 21. Priscilla Lee*, 29. Sherry Rui, 30. Meiyi Lu, 35. Annie Wong, 38. Rohan Thomas, 41. Govardhan Poondi, 44. Victor Tsao, 45. Lidice Sanabria, 46. Jaquelynn Palen, 50. Noa Reddick, 55. Nicholas Li, 56. Nathan Ma, 59. Christin Park, 60. Gina Jeon, 64. Sara Nakagawa, 70. Luke Liu


4. Arman Deendar*, 8. Christine Kim*, 24. Sarah Bagheri, 26. Kelly Castellano, 29. Sharon Xue, 32. Evan Wu


4. Joscelynn Palen*, 5. Michael Cao*, 6. Marlon Florez*, 7. Matthew Lin*, 13. Wesley Geng*, 15. Emily Yeh*, 24. MIranda Ye, 25. Akash Naik, 28. Julian Pak


3. Karthik Iyer*, 6. Cade Medearis*, 7. Aiyana Armstrong*, 9. Arnold Venter*, 11. Nima Sadri*


4. Michael Chyobotov*

Covid-19 Audition Update

Hello Students,

This year’s Plano West auditions are now in Google Classroom. To audition, use join code “xovohqy” The new due date and digital submission requirements are posted in the Google Classroom assignment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

2020-2021 Audition Music

Incoming juniors and seniors: Please find the audition music for next school year below.

Current Sophomores (incoming Juniors) will sign up with your high school director for a 5 minute audition the evening of April 6-8, and current Juniors (next year’s Seniors) will audition during their class period that same week.

Students who are transferring to Plano West (from outside the West Cluster or PISD), can email Mr. Ross at [email protected] to schedule an audition.

To access the audition music, use the link below.  If you have any issues accessing the music, talk with the orchestra teacher at your campus.