Support Us For Our Performance at TMEA!


So far, we’ve raised… $4,750.00

This February, our full orchestra (strings and band) and choir have the incredible opportunity to perform at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio! A performance of this nature is the highest honor for a music ensemble in Texas, and we are incredibly excited for this performance of a lifetime.

The district is helping to support some of our travel costs, but we need to raise approximately $8,500 additional dollars for travel. Please support us with whatever you can spare. The Plano West Orchestra Boosters are a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by tax law.

If you would rather send in a check rather than donate online, all donations can be made out to the Plano West Orchestra Boosters, and those checks can be given to any band, orchestra, or choir teacher.

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We receive 96.5% of whatever you donate! Compare this to the 70-75% received when you donate through Snap Raise or other platforms and you’ll understand why we are running this campaign internally! When you donate, you can also opt to cover all credit card transaction fees so that we receive 100% of your donation.

Cheer Wall

The cheer wall is updated every 48 hours.

Tracy Daniel

S Ramalingam, in support of Manasvini Komandur

Victoria Castaneda

Grace Lee, in support of Christopher Lee

Kristina Giometti

Soheil Samouhi

Tsun Liang Lu, in support of Steven Lu

Claire Lee, in support of Christopher Chun

Kathy Kuddes, retired PISD Director of Fine Arts, in support of West Cluster music teachers

Judy Putney Crim, in support of the PWSH Fine Arts Teachers

Eunyong Jee, in support of Matthew Ogata

Kelli Isgrig, in support of Ava Haunsperger

Chelsea Farmer, in honor of the Rice Choir Family

L Komandur, in honor of Manasvini

Jing He, in honor of Derek He

Kristin Vogt, in honor of all Brinker Bears!

Merrilyn Eder

Elizabeth Fernandez, in honor of Sarah Council

Ashley Johnson Dickens

Anonymous, in honor of Kathy Hackett

Anna Wan, in honor of Henry Zhang

Hongqian Luo, in honor of Alex So

Min Ni, in honor of Jason Xu

Dianne Brumley

Elizabeth Hainey

Robin Brockway

Kris Wargan, in honor of Manasvini Komandur

Brigette Smith

Jiandong Guo

Nathan Benavides

Andre Clark, in honor of Sarah Council

Mitzie Deike, in honor of Mason Baxter

Jim Lovell, in honor of Brinker Bears

Jennifer Hammond, in honor of Sara and Katy Cullens

Bin Yan, in honor of Allen Yan

Tracy Cullens, in honor of Sara and Katy Cullens

Darcy Cullens, in honor of Sara and Katy Cullens

John Cullens, in honor of Sara and Katy Cullens

Ryan Ross, PWSH Orchestra Director