Senior Orchestra Officers

We are so pleased to announce our Senior Orchestra Leadership team for next school year.  This was an incredibly difficult selection process, and we are so pleased there was so much interest in being a part of making the Plano West Orchestra the very best!

Officers, please plan on a work day this summer.  Most likely it will be on August 19, so put that on your calendar.  If things change, we’ll let you know.  Be sure to get connected on the Office Facebook page.


Zoe M

Alice Z

Members at Large

Krystal L

Sharon S

Raymond C

Serena C

Dominique M

Samantha C

Paolo A

Emily S

Katherine M

Roger D

Eddie W

Ramya P

Shivani K

Mason S

Jacqueline C

Essence R

Amanda W

Alexis R

Ana S.

Tiffany K.

Ian H.

Emily C.

Uma K.

Hana H.

Sri B.

Amit S.